How We Invest: The Empowerment Flywheel


Our overarching goal is to foster cycling-centric communities by providing them the tools and resources they need to thrive. We believe that investing in local communities will create a self-sustaining cycle of economic growth, enthusiasm, and inclusivity in the world of cycling.

The Flywheel Steps:

  1. Foundational Infrastructure: Initiate the cycle by strategically investing in authentic community building blocks. We look for things that can be perpetual platforms which provide community ROI.
  2. Community Empowerment: By removing the gatekeepers of these resources, individuals are enabled to participate in cycling in a way that speaks to them, thereby making the activity a cultural norm.
  3. Organic Growth/Cultural Relevancy: A community-led adoption of cycling naturally encourages more residents to participate, increasing sport-desire and strengthening the community and cultural bond around this shared activity.
  4. Movement Building: The collective action of a community engaging in cycling transcends into a broader movement, capturing public attention and creating a cultural shift.
  5. Perception Change: As the movement gains momentum, it challenges and alters preconceived notions about who cyclists are, breaking down barriers and stereotypes.
  6. Increased Investment: The demonstrable success and community engagement make a compelling case for additional financial and resource investments, both from public and private sectors.
  7. Cycle Reinforcement: Additional investment allows us to revisit step one, but with expanded resources, thereby fortifying and accelerating the flywheel.


By purposefully executing and spinning each step of this flywheel, we set in motion a powerful and self-reinforcing cycle that not only enriches individual lives but also reshapes entire communities. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, from local residents to potential investors and partners. Together, we're not just promoting cycling; we're fostering community, challenging stereotypes, and driving meaningful change.

FAQ Section

Is Grow Cycling just to help build inclusion for people of color or will you help other marginalized groups as well?

Historically, people of color have been largely underrepresented in the outdoor industry, so we are starting there with the understanding that the same complex systems that exclude people of color, exclude other underserved peoples and places as well. Our ultimate goal is for the world of cycling to be representative of the world around us, full of all genders, colors, and backgrounds.

How much of my donation goes to Grow Cycling initiatives?

Aside from platform fees and administrative (legal, insurance, tax filling, etc) costs, your donations go directly to Grow Cycling initiatives. Grow is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and as such your donation is tax deductible as allowable under the law. EIN# 85-1436997

Our dream is that Grow Cycling grows large enough to have global reach which may, in the future, require full-time, salaried staff. If this happens we commit to being fully transparent with our donors and community about where their donations are going.

You can see our mission initiatives/programs and resource allocation by viewing our public IRS Form 990.

Are brands the only ones that can contribute or can individuals donate as well?

Anyone can help us Grow cycling! One main goal we had when creating the Grow Cycling Foundation was to make it easy for anyone to make a sustainable difference, from the smallest one-time donation, to the largest corporate partner.

If I can’t donate, how can I help?

  • Spread the word to your cycling friends and communities - tweet, repost, share or pin
  • Tell your employer about us and ask them to share the story and get involved or sponsor an event
  • Show empathy daily and be intentional about inviting new people into your cycling circles
  • Volunteer at an Inglewood Pumptrack event

How does the pumptrack further your mission?

Everyone that has a career in the cycling industry probably started off by riding around for fun as a kid or maybe a bit later. The fun of it is what gets people interested and exposes them to various potential career paths surrounding their sport of choice.

By building a Grow Cycling pumptrack in a diverse community that has never had access to cycling in this way gives them a safe space to explore and have fun on a bike, just like how we all started. We aim to inspire career paths and involve the local community by using this space for world-class events, community building, and programs that teach various cycling industry skills.

Who did your design work?

That would be Kate Jones! This wouldn't have been possible without her. Check out Kate's site at Kate Jones Creates!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel you subscription in a few seconds by going to Manage Subscription. You can also get there on the Donate page by clicking the link under the DONATE button.

If you have any questions PLEASE reach out to us at and we will be glad to help!

How do I add Grow Cycling Foundation to my company's Donor Matching Program?

Grow is registered on both the Benevity and YourCause platforms. Findability on your corporate donor portal should be easy because most platforms have a search name/cause tab in which you can look for “Grow Cycling Foundation”. If we’re missing on your company’s platform, please reach out and let us know at

EIN# 85-1436997
Grow Cycling Foundation Corporation

What is your EIN?

EIN# 85-1436997
Grow Cycling Foundation Corporation

How do I get in contact with Grow Cycling Foundation?

We would love to hear from you! We are a small team of volunteers, but you can email and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!